Shopper Engagement Solutions

Lunchbox™ Shopper Engagement Solutions

Retail Strategy

Whether in-store or e-commerce, understanding the mind frame of a shopper and converting them into a buyer is critical to launching or maintaining a successful business. Lunchbox's retail strategists have a deep knowledge of shopper segmentation information and purchase behavior with our goal being to partner with retailers in order to create solution oriented programs for the shopper that increase sales, raise key brand attributes and drive positive ROI for both the supplier and retail partner.

Insights & Analytics

A successful retail campaign results in actionable insights for the next campaign. We use evidence-based decision making to measure KPIs, test assumptions, and answer fundamental questions about your marketing ROI. By understanding your key business objectives, our insights and analysis team focuses on optimizing customer acquisition, brand engagement, conversion and long-term retention.

Social Media Planning & Implementation

Social Media presents endless opportunities to reach your customers online by delivering your brand message the right way, to the right people. Our primary objective is to build awareness and drive traffic to partner programs, creating highly interactive content that is broadly distributed across the Social Web.

Creative Development

Our goal is to create intelligent, engaging communication solutions for analog and digital media. These solutions are the result of collaboration between Lunchbox strategists, researchers, designers and technologists. Graphic design, online advertising, network branding, in-store campaigns, game development and mobile media are not the only things we do, but they are some of the things we do best. Whatever the medium, we create engaging messages that shoppers notice and respond to, with a distinctive sense of style and simplicity that stands the test of time.

Video Production

Our turn key production includes location procurement and coordination; audio engineering; mixing; on set HD video production; post-production HD editing, title animation, audio FX and final mastering. Planning is everything; by designing the lighting, camera, set design, team planning, production strategies and client objectives, the Lunchbox team will ensure your production is handled smoothly and perfectly. This ensures a flawless production when the big day arrives.

Interactive Development

With extensive experience in technologies such as Web, Microsoft .NET, Java and open-source environments, our interactive team delivers quality solutions on time and within budget. Our solutions include Content Management, Search, Web Portals, Intranets, CRM as well as Product Development. Our team has deep industry experience that cross many vertical markets. Lunchbox utilizes different technologies depending on each client’s needs. Our technical capabilities allow us to do full site and/or retail site development and to then integrate these into other interactive or physical mediums such as in store, social websites or mobile phones.

Mobile and Gaming Media

As retailers improve their technologies and consumers gain confidence in the mobile shopping experience, we strive to define strategies that connect on-the-go shoppers to the information that drives engagement and brand loyalty. Lunchbox views m-commerce, whether browsing and shopping via apps or the mobile Web, as much more than a “nice to have,” component of any campaign. Mobile applications and games not only compliment online websites, they also help to target groups of individuals and drive them to the retailer sites. Lunchbox has focused on this sector of interactive engagement with mobile and gaming specialists along with their interaction with various social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. In addition, the Company has been an authorized iPhone SDK developer since 2007 and utilizes several mobile platforms including BlackBerry, Android, Palm, and Symbian.