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Problem to Solve

It’s hard to ignore the challenges that the economic climate presented this past year in all sectors, especially in non-essential categories. As music sales continue to decline across the board, how do you push albums and artist awareness in an increasingly noisy marketplace for one of the largest retailers? With over 75,000 products sold in Walmart stores, and a $1.3 billion dollar physical CD category rapidly declining, how do you reach millions of younger traditionally resistant Walmart customers? Can you actually increase brand equity AND customer acquisition for Walmart and Unilever as they key partner through the creation of original content vehicles?

Lunchbox Solution

An original music performance series was created to act as a platform for promoting Unilever’s top Personal care brands and today’s top music artists at Walmart. Leveraging Lunchbox’s music industry expertise, artist selection and product paring are carefully chosen throughout the year match the specific brand’s target audience. Original content including performances, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage was then filmed, edited and made available only on and in Walmart stores. A massive awareness package (350MM+ monthly impressions) inclusive of destination, Security Shrouds, Music Department Signage, Walmart TV and a robust social media campaign, was used to promote the artist and brand pairing. This pairing of Unilever products and musical acts, complete with artist likeness, was threaded through all media platforms including mobile, in-store signage, merchandising (including semi-permanent end cap)and Walmart TV. Additional awareness was created with a comprehensive social media outreach team, online media and monthly outbound traditional media buys (print and/or digital).


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