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Problem to Solve

Kotex is often viewed as more established and traditional brand, preferred by the older generation as their choice for feminine care products. The brand wanted to change all that with the launch of the new U by Kotex product line, and it was our job to let our younger Walmart shoppers know.

Lunchbox Solution

Drawing upon the success of Lunchbox’s original campaign aimed at helping teens ‘get real’ on all things menstrual, we upped the ante for back to school season targeted at one generation up - college aged women. As such, we matured our ‘get real’ concept to feature real women on the street put on the spot about their period in a series of short, fun videos. For added engagement, the user could try to guess how the interviewee would answer before the reveal. We also highlighted an MP3 download giveaway, knowing music was extremely important to our target, as further evidenced by the many favorable comments for the accompanying MeDaily journal app’s unique feature allowing the user to add a song to entries.


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