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Problem to Solve

As an extension of their national ‘Potty Dance’ campaign, Huggies Pull-Ups created a Potty Dance kit, which was being sold for a limited time at Walmart. The national videos were very fun and showed how to do the Potty Dance. But what was missing was the one thing that was going to get the Walmart mom to buy the kit: how it was going to help her potty train her child.

Lunchbox Solution

To get the word out, we hired a child care expert and threw our own ‘Potty Party’ filled with toddlers and their moms who were taking on the potty training challenge. We taught the children the potty dance and educated mom on how the dance and the various pieces of the kit, combined with Pull-Ups could help her successfully potty train her child. Of course, we filmed the whole thing and developed a series of fun and helpful videos for our moms at home, creating a real reason to get the kit now and throw their own potty party.


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