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How do you get resistant hardcore gamers to choose a big retailer’s site as an all-in-one solution over well established gaming sites like IGN, Gamefly, G4, 1Up, Gamestop and Gamespot?

Walmart partnered with Lunchbox to develop Gamecenter, a multi-channel marketing program created to increase awareness and purchase of consumer packaged goods and top gaming titles at Walmart, both online and in-store. The program is a comprehensive out-of-store recruitment and in-store engagement tool. Gamecenter is an all-in-one source for information about current and upcoming games where customers can watch trailers, exclusive videos, view screenshots and pre-order or purchase games. To give the show immediate credibility, Lunchbox’s in-house gaming teams used the very latest behind the scenes footage, publisher interviews on location, in-house studio shoots, 3D and audio special effects, compelling interactive and a massive social media outreach. The execution connects brick and mortar stores with through the promotion of an original content platform and hit the ground running with an audience reaching over one million in its first month alone.


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