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Disney, the world's largest licensor, needed a way to consolidate hundreds of products being sold through its retailers into one ultimate Disney experience rather than hundreds of disconnected Disney products scattered throughout the marketplace. Various Disney divisions had their own separate brand shops and shelves and did not cross-promote. To solve this problem, Disney partnered with Lunchbox to develop the official Walmart Disney Showcase - a robust hub showcasing all the latest releases and promotional priorities in categories including: Home, Cars, Fairies, Princess, Toy Story, Baby and Hannah Montana. Many had their own separately branded portal with products and features that were updated and maintained separately. The new Showcase allows for cross-promotion between brands and categories that are now updated monthly. The launch resulted in millions of views and overwhelming purchase intent of more than 60%. Each product page is consistently attracting a growing number of repeat visitors, week after week. An established template allows multiple Disney groups to participate and create custom destinations that fit their individual needs.


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