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The Degree V12 300 was a NASCAR Nationwide Series stock car race held at Atlanta Motor Speedway in 2009. To celebrate the event, Degree produced a special V12 deodorant variant and online racing game, which needed to be promoted through retail stores nationwide. There was a branded Degree V12 car in the race driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr., who helped develop the online racing game, and Degree Men was concurrently running a promotion in the retail space to win a trip to the event. Degree partnered with Lunchbox to produce a brand engagement page, in-store HDTV spots and social media outreach strategy. To promote the ‘Protection for The Ride of Your Life’ sweepstakes, the online site featured exclusive clips from Dale Earnhardt Jr., HD live action footage and a 3D modeled interior of Dale’s car, putting the controls in your hands. Since the Degree V12 deodorant variant was designed to look like Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s racecar, Lunchbox created an in-store spot that featured a special 3D racetrack in which a virtual Degree V12 product raced around the track at top speeds and then transformed into Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Degree V12 racecar, passing the competition to win the race. A custom intro animation was created as well that featured the Degree V12 product revving it’s engine and pulling out of a branded garage that was used in other executions produced by the Degree Men team.

The final TV spots were fully produced in house and aired in thousands of stores nationwide, and the brand engagement page reached millions of shoppers while accumulating over 600,000 unique mentions on blogs, Twitter, forums, etc.


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