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With the advent of HD-DVD and Blu-ray came a whole generation of confused moms who now knew even less about which technology was right for their families. How do you explain the latest in home cinema technology so that mom can understand and more importantly, empower her to make the right decision on which Blu-Ray model to choose? Sony partnered with Lunchbox to produce an online destination with FAQ and video segments to answer the most complicated and technological questions about home cinema in a clear, easy to understand format. Removing all complicated charts and graphs and proprietary language, we featured a real mom in a real house to walk you though questions step-by-step in a warm, approachable format. The goal of the site and content was to explain in clear, concise language what Blu-ray technology is, how to use it, why it’s superior and the what and why of various accessories. The initial effort resulted in a yearlong program that became the new model for how to reach moms via a retail channel: empower her with the knowledge to make decisions for her family, but do it in a non-intimidating, easy to understand way.


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