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How do you effectively communicate to college men on their way back to school that 90% of girls don't like that crusty, crunchy hair you get from gels? AXE Hair partnered with Lunchbox to crack the code, knowing that simply listing product benefits was never going to reach them. To solve the problem for retail, Lunchbox developed an online game called "AXE Hair Gelbreaker". A parody of the 1976 classic arcade game "breakout", GelBreaker turned the three major product communication points into the focus for each gaming level. Players declared war on over-gelled hair; sticky, gummy hair and poufy hair by chipping away at hair made of bricks, sticky goo or fluff. The men were further engaged by being coached or tormented by their choice of two beautiful AXE girls who walked in and out of frame throughout gameplay giving them advice about games, girls and hair. Gelbreaker resulted in unconventional education of each of the main product benefits. When launched, Gelbreaker resulted in nearly 22 million impressions in less than one month, but sadly also resulted in hundreds of lost hours of productivity due to repeated play here at Lunchbox.


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