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Problem to Solve

Creating a truly valuable guide to help mom create quick and easy meals for her family featuring multiple brands, not necessarily connected, is hard enough. Converting impressions to sales of more than one featured product is even harder.

Lunchbox Solution

In looking at the task at hand, the connecting fiber between the breadth of Unilever food brands is that they all help mom with affordable and great tasting meals for her family. As such, our solution was focused on giving her plenty of recipes and ideas for easy meals via custom video content hosted by a celebrity chef. Once mom had the ideas for what to buy for dinner, the challenge was to get her to remember the products in store. To make her life a little easier, we created a shopping list tool which allowed her to create a list directly from our site and wirelessly sync with an app she could download for her mobile phone. The app also included a store finder to help her get the job done.


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